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The Card Game of Devil

Develop your children's imagination with quality Czech works by Czech authors.


An audiobook full of fairy tales about how hell works, why devils have cauldrons and what awaits all of us sinners in them. Each fairy tale is accompanied by a song with melodies by Vadim Petrov.


Read by: Alfréd Strejček

Music: Vadim Petrov

Written by: Taťjána Petrovová

279 CZK

Akční balíčky

1_Balicek Certuv marias.png
3_Balicek Pohadky do usi.png

Listen to a sample:

13 Pohádka Čertův mariáš
00:00 / 04:31
14 Písnička Čertův mariáš
00:00 / 01:04
2_Balicek Pohadky a pohoda.png
4_Balicek Pro dobrou naladu.png
Čertův mariáš_edited.jpg
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