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Card Game For Devils

E-book & audiobook

14 pohádek o čertech
14 písniček Vadima Petrova

13 Pohádka Čertův mariáš
00:00 / 04:31
14 Písnička Čertův mariáš
00:00 / 01:04

The e-book also contains sheet music
You can play and sing them.


The audiobook was read by Alfréd Strejček. You can also listen to the recording
and songs sung.


Use one of our advantageous packages and save up to CZK 337 !

1_Balicek Certuv marias.png

Originally 478 CZK

2_Balicek Pohadky a pohoda.png

Originally 757 CZK

3_Balicek Pohadky do usi.png

Originally 757 CZK

4_Balicek Pro dobrou naladu.png

Originally 1,036 CZK

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